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Energy investment in emerging markets
Emerging markets will account for the lion’s share of future electricity demand growth. Since 2010, they have already recorded more clean energy investment than the rest of the world. However, between 2015 and 2016, investment in these countries has suffered the largest year-on-year drop to date.

Despite this, non-OECD countries are home to some of the greatest success stories of the energy transition. Technical and financial innovations are also upending the way the next billion power consumers will come online.
To make sense of the rich but varying opportunities that emerging markets represent for energy investors and strategists, we are publishing select research highlights in the weeks between COP23 and the 2nd anniversary of the Paris agreement. Explore more.
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Shell acquisition shows EV charging market consolidation
Large energy companies are snapping up groups active in EV charging infrastructure. Royal Dutch Shell acquired NewMotion, a Dutch EV charging company with 30,000 charging points. Statoil invested in ChargePoint in 2016 and in March 2017, Engie acquired EVBox, which has over 40,000 stations. On October 25, Enel bought eMotorWerks, another provider focused on monetizing the demand flexibility from EVs. The list of large energy companies active in EV charging includes Fortum, Vattenfall, EON, RWE. Utilities aim to reduce customer churn and expand into new services, while oil companies look to ensure their retail stations stay relevant as the vehicle mix shifts. View the chart.

Goodenough making progress with solid-state batteries: Q&A
John Goodenough, developer of the lithium-ion battery, was in Houston last week to receive the 2017 Welch Award in Chemistry and give the keynote address at the annual Welch Conference. Goodenough and his colleague, physicist Maria Helena Braga, announced in April that they have developed a low-cost solid-state battery made entirely from a special glass that Braga discovered during research in Portugal. The glass allows the battery to handle many more recharge cycles than a lithium-ion battery. Also, unlike the liquid electrolytes in lithium-ion batteries, it isn’t flammable. Read BNEF's interview with them about this latest technology.
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Rich nations fail to help developing world fight climate change
Wealthy nations are falling short on promises to help the developing world reduce greenhouse gases by investing in clean energy, jeopardizing the global fight against climate change. Clean energy investments in China, sub-Saharan African and other emerging markets fell 27 percent in 2016, to $111.4 billion, BNEF's findings shows. Less than 10 percent of that spending came from rich countries. Read more.
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28 May, 2018 - Shanghai, China
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