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Bullard: Utilities accept the new, but will they embrace it?
Utility companies, it seems, are just not that into coal anymore - or they don’t see it as a source of growth. Using the Bloomberg Document Search, BNEF's Nat Bullard combed through investor presentations by 127 publicly listed U.S. utility companies since 2009 and discovered that four particular terms or keywords - “new technology,” “distributed energy,” “power/energy storage” and “batteries,” and “innovation” - are being mentioned with increasing frequency, indicating that companies view these new technologies and concepts as either areas for growth or material threats to their success. Read more.
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Utilities subsidize Google and Amazon to enter the home
  • U.S. smart thermostat market expected to peak in 2021.
  • Alphabet Inc. and Amazon Inc. are backing leading brands.
BNEF smart thermostat sales estimate
Source: Bloomberg New Energy Finance. Note: Europe refers to the EU-28 plus Switzerland and Norway.
The U.S. is leading the market for smart thermostats, with Europe following close behind. In 2016, one and a half million smart thermostats were sold in Europe while more than three million were sold in the U.S.. Bloomberg New Energy Finance estimates that the U.S. market will peak in 2021 with sales of 13.5 million. This growth is supported by U.S. utilities across the country offering rebates to customers that install a smart thermostat. At present over 23 million U.S. customers live in a territory where their utility offers a smart thermostat incentive. Growth in the U.S. is expected to benefit market leaders such as Nest Labs, owned by Alphabet, and Ecobee, backed by Amazon. View on web and share with a colleague.
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New Energy Pioneers: Romo Wind
Each year, we identify 10 game-changing companies globally in the field of clean energy technology and innovation. In this series, we introduce the 2017 winners. ROMO Wind aims to improve the annual energy production and lifetime monitoring of wind turbines by frequently and accurately measuring wind speed and other wind metrics. Learn more about them and find out how to apply for the 2018 competition.
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State Bank eyes tiger's share of India rooftop PV boom
State Bank of India, the country’s largest lender, seeks a dominant financing position in every sector, including renewable energy. It has now set its sights on the emerging rooftop solar segment, where the government has a target that would require many billions of dollars of investment. BNEF's Vandana Gombar discusses long-term business outlook with Karnam Sekar, deputy managing director, chief credit officer and chief sustainability officer for State Bank of India. Read the interview.

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