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Asian Infra Bank to reach $4 billion in loans by year end: Q&A
The Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank, which has a mandate to invest in “environmentally friendly” projects, is on course to approve $2.5 billion of new loans in 2017, taking its cumulative total to $4 billion since its establishment in 2015. In this interview, Joachim von Amsberg, vice-president for policy and strategy, discusses 2018 plans, and how the bank is aiming for another $3.5 billion in new loans. Read the interview.

End in sight to near-term lithium supply shortages
  • 18-fold jump in lithium demand from batteries from 2016-30
  • Junior miners racing to meet demand, 30 projects in pipeline
Lithium supply and demand
Source: Bloomberg New Energy Finance, press releases, Avicenne, USGS, IDTechEX, Deutsche Bank. Note: Production from lithium brine mines is only included in future supply 1 year after mines are commissioned. CE refers to consumer electronics, E-bus refers to electric buses.
Some 37% of mined lithium is used in lithium-ion batteries. It is the only truly critical material in those batteries and is key to their high energy densities. In the near term, there may be supply shortages of lithium. These are likely to ease during the early 2020s, but supply is likely to be squeezed after 2024 unless more projects are commissioned. Those could include opening up new mining operations, and the expansion of existing operations by building more evaporation pools – in the case of lithium brine projects. Traditionally, lithium mining has been dominated by a few large miners, but the recent boom in demand has led to an upsurge in the number of smaller operators. View on web and share with a colleague.
From our partners

New Energy Pioneers: EV Box
Each year, we identify 10 game-changing companies globally in the field of clean energy technology and innovation. In this series, we will introduce the 2017 winners. EV Box, a market leader in EV charging infrastructure across the globe, provides a full hardware and software solution. Learn more about them and find out how to apply for the 2018 competition.
Canada wants to solve U.S. nuclear problems with faraway dams
The key to replacing aging nuclear plants in the U.S. Northeast may lie 1,000 miles away, along a remote river tumbling through the Canadian wilderness. In boreal forests above the Gulf of St. Lawrence, Hydro-Quebec is building a series of dams that will generate enough electricity for more than one million homes. The $5.2 billion project on the Romaine River is part of a sweeping expansion the government-owned utility began in 2007, with the intention of selling power to the U.S. where nuclear reactors are closing. Read more.
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