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Liebreich: In energy and transportation, stick it to the orthodoxy!
In this opinion piece, Michael Liebreich, Founder and Chairman of the Advisory Board for BNEF, discusses energy forecasting: why it's hard to get it right, what happens when you get it wrong, and why he thinks the Bloomberg New Energy Finance team has managed to do better than most over the years. Read more.

Wind turbine prices in U.S. plummet faster than globally
  • Price falls well below $1 million per megawatt
  • Looming end of tax credit beckons turbine-maker competition
United States and global wind turbine prices by delivery date
Note: Price of contract is calculated on day of signing and quoted by date of delivery. Source: Bloomberg New Energy Finance
The price for U.S. wind turbines delivered in 2H 2017 dropped to $0.83 million per megawatt, according to Bloomberg New Energy Finance’s Wind Turbine Pricing Index – well below the global average price of $0.99 million per megawatt. Fierce price competition between turbine manufacturers to secure as much of a surge in 2016 orders drove the rapid U.S. pricing plunge. The 11GW surge in 2016 turbine and equipment orders – delivered at most 3.5 months after 2016 – was a direct result of developers rushing to qualify as many projects possible for the final round of 100 percent of U.S. wind’s main federal subsidy. View on web and share with a colleague.
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New Energy Pioneers: SunFunder
Each year, we identify 10 game-changing companies globally in the field of clean energy technology and innovation. In this series, we will introduce the 2017 winners. One of the winners, SunFunder, provides debt finance for solar companies and projects in emerging markets. Learn more about them and find out how to apply for the 2018 competition.
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Why an enigmatic Chinese company just spent $9 billion on a stake in Rosneft
While there’s a risk oil may slide below $30 as its displaced by alternative energy sources, it will still be used to make petrochemicals, said the head of the enigmatic Chinese company that last month bought a $9 billion stake in Rosneft Oil. In a note posted on CEFC China Energy Co.’s WeChat account, Founder and Chairman Ye Jianming justified purchasing a chunk of the Russian oil giant from Glencore and Qatar’s sovereign wealth fund — a deal that’s thrust the previously little-known firm into the global spotlight. He also riffed on everything from his nation’s history and philosophy to the future of fossil fuels and electric vehicles. Read more.
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European Autumn Gas Conference (EAGC)
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30 April - 2 May, 2018 - Minneapolis, MN, US
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