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Gas markets go global: The rise of LNG
What are the main drivers behind the global rise of LNG and who are the biggest players in the future? Watch the latest video from our Future of Energy Summit series to find out more.
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Power prices may scale new heights
Europe might be facing another expensive winter. Two factors point to that risk. EDF’s French reactors are again under investigation, and gas storage levels are down. Substantial nuclear outages last winter had a dramatic impact on power prices. EDF has assured the market its reactors will be back for the winter, but the market is less certain. If gas storage also doesn’t manage to refill in time, the compound effect on power prices could be greater than last year. Read more.
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Pennsylvania is next as nuclear plants seek subsidies
Exelon Corp., which won state subsidies for its money-losing nukes in New York and Illinois, has turned its attention to Pennsylvania, where it announced it will close the Three Mile Island plant near Harrisburg in 2019. Chris Gadomski, who analyzes the nuclear industry for Bloomberg New Energy Finance, anticipates the state will keep the 819-megawatt plant running. Read more.
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New Energy Pioneers: Fluidic Energy
Each year, we identify 10 game-changing companies globally in the field of clean energy technology and innovation. In this series, we will introduce the 2017 winners. One of the winners, Fluidic Energy, developed an alternative to lithium-ion for energy storage – a rechargeable, low-cost zinc-air battery. Learn more about them and the competition.
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