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Digital twins inch closer to an energy takeover
In a prescient 2011 essay, venture capitalist Marc Andreessen declared that “software is eating the world.” Six years on, software is eating more of the world than ever — and it is also creating. One of those creations is digital twins, virtual models of industrial equipment, built up with gigabytes and terabytes of sensor data, that allow companies to remotely monitor the performance of power plants, jet engines and … well, anything worth monitoring, really. These digital twins will create numerous opportunities for companies and their clients, as well as raise challenging questions. Read more.
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Small-scale solar will displace $2b of U.S. power by 2025
  • Solar on U.S. homes and businesses will grow 10% a year
Ratio of small-scale solar and battery capacity to total installed capacity
Source: Bloomberg New Energy Finance
By 2025, over $2 billion worth of U.S. electricity production will change hands from traditional generators to small-scale generation assets. Worldwide, the small-scale solar photovoltaic capacity operated by homes and businesses is predicted to grow consistently as depicted by Bloomberg New Energy Finance in the New Energy Outlook 2017. In countries like the U.S. which face stagnant electricity demand growth, the growth in distributed electricity production will take sales from generators in the wholesale markets and regulated power regions. View on web and share with a colleague.
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New Energy Pioneers: We Care Solar
Each year, we identify 10 game-changing companies globally in the field of clean energy technology and innovation. In this series, we will introduce the 2017 winners. One of the winners, We Care Solar, is a non-profit that designs and sells a rugged solar suitcase aimed at the health sector in developing countries, in particular maternal and child care. Learn more about them and the competition.
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Dong Energy’s zero-subsidy offshore wind farms are ripe for ‘farm-downs’
Dong Energy said it is confident that financial investors will be prepared to buy equity stakes in the 480MW of German offshore wind farms, which the company won the rights to build thanks to record-breaking zero-subsidy bids in an auction in April. In this interview, Martin Neubert, chief strategy officer at the wind power division of the Danish company, tells BNEF that the three offshore wind projects in the German North Sea would be suitable for Dong’s ‘farm-down’ approach, in which it sells equity stakes pre-construction to outside investors in order to free up its own capital for further projects. Read more.
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